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Call Us If It's Time For Pool Draining in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

Need to Refresh Your Pool Water?

Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas handles pool draining in Las Vegas, NV. We'll use a portable pump to drain your pool water into your sewer or septic system. In under 10 hours, your pool will be drained completely and ready for new pool water. Schedule an appointment for pool draining services in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV today.

Why should you drain your pool?

Did you know that your pool should be drained once every three years? Maintaining your pool on a regular basis is important-but draining it completely and refilling it is the best way to keep your water safe to swim in. Chemicals and bacteria can remain in your pool even after you treat the water.

Old or contaminated pool water can also cause serious damage to your pool's surface. Hard water will leave calcium deposits on your pool tile and grout. Pool draining is an effective solution. Call 702-400-5004 today to get a free estimate on pool draining services in Las Vegas, NV.